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The staff at Nealco, Inc. has been providing top-of-the-line welding supplies, equipment, and services to customers for over 40 years. Rely on them to get you the products you need to get the job done, or to get the job done for you--all for a reasonable price!


• Acetylene
• Argon
• Carbon Dioxide
• Helium
• Hydrogen
• Nitrogen
• Oxygen
• Propane
• Welding Shielding Gas Blends


Nealco medical gases are filled with precision and emphasis on quality. We believe and pride our self on the 24 hour service we provide to a medical account. Laboratory gases. respiratory therapy gases. carbon dioxide. medical air. medical oxygen. nitrous oxide. bulk systems. medical regulators. medical carts


Specialty gases are used in a wide variety of manufacturing, process, and service applications. They undergo a series of purity test and follow exact mixture specifications to ensure there quality.

Nealco is partnered with world renowned specialty gas companies to offer the best in quality and service backed by our personalized, value added service of a local owned company.


Nealco manufactures dry ice daily at our Gadsden facility. Dry Ice is frozen Carbon Dioxide that's turned into a solid at -109F. Dry Ice does not melt, as it warms up it will turn back into a gaseous form resulting in no liquid residue.


Nealco welding specialist are available to serve our customers. We offer full lines of all brands of welding equipment and supplies. In todays world of bonding and separating materials, your business efficiency will determine your success. Nealco can provide the best equipment and knowledge for your companies welding and fabrication.


Nealco can provide all your carbonation needs. We use only the best food grade CO2 resulting in great taste. With a bulk CO2 from Nealco, the customer no longer has to worry about changing cylinders. If you are looking for a dependable supplier, and your restaurant needs a bulk system designed and installed, or a just a bulk system changed out, our CO2 division will give you the service when you need it.

• Co2 available in containers ranging from 20lb cylinders to bulk tanks
• Complete design, installation and maintenance of bulk CO2 systems
• Individually customized delivery schedule


Nealco has continually involved itself around the motorsports industry. From the early years of boat and car racing by Neal Shirley to the current super late model dirt team operated by Bo, Nealco has positioned itself as a recognized force in racing.

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