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Bulk and Micro Bulk – Refills, Tanks and Delivery Systems

As your volume needs change, Nealco’s bulk gas department delivers “real” customer value by

working with you to improve your cost savings and productivity to effectively meet those needs. In fact, for many users the bulk liquid delivery system is the preferred source for liquid argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen.

Nealco makes it easier for you to reduce costs by eliminating product loss, labor costs associated with switching out cylinders, and the amount of workspace needed. Nealco’s bulk gas program is available for your higher Argon, CO2, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Propylene production needs.

Bulk Gases/Systems Planning
Applications are varied and include:

Metal Fabrication/CuttingHeat TreatingForensicsLaser GasesInert Blanketing

Bulk Products Include:

• ArgonCO2
• Helium
• Nitrogen
• Oxygen
• Propane
• Micro Bulk-Cryogenic Systems
• MicroBulk offers all the advantages of bulk storage without the need for a large onsite tank or the hassles and waste of full-for-empty cylinder exchanges.

It is the most reliable, cost effective alternative to some high pressure and liquid cylinder applications, such as, Argon, Oxygen, and Nitrogen, where volumes are less than those required for traditional bulk systems.

Micro Bulk Products Include:

• Argon
• CO2
• Nitrogen
• Oxygen
• Propane

Key Benefits Include:

Cylinder handling costs — Reduces labor costs associated with cylinder handling, change outs, or inventory management.
Inventory savings — Eliminating cylinder inventory saves customers rent and gas lost during cylinder filling and creates a more profitable space in the workplace.
Gas savings — Eliminates the residual waste that normally gets sent back in cylinders, allowing more product to be used.
Convenience — Elimination of downtime due to product shortages, delivery delays, or failure to order.

Typical Micro Bulk applications include:

• Nitrogen for Laser Cutting that requires up to 450 PSI delivery
• Welding fabricating that requires an Argon, Oxygen or Nitrogen gas mix
• Oxy-fuel cutting
• Argon, CO2, Nitrogen or Oxygen for research and laboratory environments
• Alternatives to traditional bulk where space is a concern
• Other Argon, Oxygen, and Nitrogen applications where minimum volume criteria are met.

Nealco has continually involved itself around the motorsports industry. From the early years of boat and car racing by Neal Shirley to the current super late model dirt team operated by Bo, Nealco has positioned itself as a recognized force in racing.

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